How To Remove Pesticides from Fruits Vegetables


So far the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables was the first priority to set your life on the healthy track. Eating more greens and raw food is simply the best option to abstract the maximum benefits from nature. But wait for a while, did you know that the fruit basket present on your table may carry tons of pesticides on it. You can minimize the risk of the pesticides in your food with their purchase from the certified organic food supplier. But it may cause an extra burden on your budget and it is not practical to purchase all grocery items from the organic food source. To be healthy, you better know how to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

The exposure of the food to the toxic chemicals is increasing with the changes in the environment and production methods. However, with all these facts all our fruits and vegetables are very essential to add in your diet. You can follow the given methods to remove these toxic chemicals and pesticides from your food easily at home.

How To Remove Pesticides from fruits

How To Remove Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Salt water wash

To clean pesticides from your food, made a water solution with the 2% water. Soak your food in this solution for about 5 to 10 minutes and then wash with the clean running water.

  1. Vinegar water wash

Prepare a 10 % vinegar water solution. This dilute solution use to soak you food for 15 minutes. After fifteen minutes take out your food and clean with the cold water. The waste dilute vinegar solution will change its colour and absorb the toxic substances present at the surface of the food. Porous and fragile foods should not be cleaned with this solution, because they will absorb the taste and smell of vinegar.

  1. Lemon water wash


  1. I use a spray bottle with a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar and a couple of drops of dawn soap. Spray it on the fruit or veggies in a colander let stand 5 min and rinse well with cold water. Works great.


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