Best Women Health Podcast of Year 2021


Being healthy is what every girl strives to be. But to be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle you must be motivated, inspired and have a deep knowledge about healthy living. You must be aware of every new information that can help you get a better lifestyle. Podcasts serve to a primary source of such useful information and provide you guidance. They not only aim at maintain physical health but also provide information about mental health as health in general comprises of various aspects. Podcasts are generated intermittently but this article summarizes the best podcasts of 2021. These include:

10 Best Women Health Podcasts 2021

The food psych podcast

This podcast helps in moving away from monotonous diet routine and shift towards healthy diet. It is regarded as one of the finest podcast for women as it helps in protecting skin, healthy eating practices and promoting physical and mental health. The host of this podcast is Christy Harrison that not only promotes intuitive eating practices but also throws light on mental health. If someone is struggling with abnormal weight fluctuations or having disturbed relationship with food, this is a great guide.

10. Losing 100lbs

It serves to be an essential podcast for changing your mindset regarding fitness and food. It is podcast from the famous Corinne Crabtree who lost 100 lbs around 14 years ago and is still continuing the same weight. She is a life coach of losing weight who practiced weight loss in a different way. Instead of giving up food she figured out the emotional and physical struggle with weight loss and dealt with that. She talks about the practical ways of weight loss without anything useless.

9. The Doctor’s farmacy

The host of this podcast is Dr. Mark Hyman. This podcast focuses on maintaining physical and mental health through interviews with leading medical practitioners. It links to health, fitness, food and politics as an inspiration for people to heal their bodies. According to him, healthy food can heal the bodies of sick people in the society. His famous book ‘Food: What the heck should I eat’ is also a good guide on the healthy food that must be eaten. Listening carefully to this podcast can improve your nutritional knowledge and understanding.

women health podcasts

8. 10% happier

The host of this podcast is Dan Harris who pursued his journey of enlightenment through meditation. It involves the interview of famous and fascinating personalities and find answers to the questions such as ‘can you become ambitious while finding enlightenment?’ It greatly helps in the seeking inner peace through the journey of meditation and enlightenment. The guest invited are very interesting and diverse that help to provide a direction.

10 percent happier podcast

7. Science Vs.

This is essentially not a health podcast but provides great help regarding health issues such as keto diet, cleanses, detoxification and fasting diets and its linkage with science. It is one of the highly listened podcast as it is a complete package of craziness, laughter and fascination. The host Wendy Zukerman is an exceptionally great host who is not only hilarious but also lively. It provides with the useful information regarding primitive health wisdoms.

6. The Wellness Mama

It is one of the natural living podcast that covers variety of health topics such as fitness, stress, toxins and sleep. The host Katie Wells is a successful health blogger who not only interviews health experts but also provides information regarding improvement in family health. The biggest advantage of this podcast is that it is not only beneficial for you but also your family and their health habits.

5. Model Health show

One of the best podcasts for women of year 2020 is the model health show. It involves interview with the leading health experts that will help you start a healthy lifestyle. Listening regularly to this podcast you can learn about nutrition, health and exercise. It helps you to shun unhealthy practices and look for ways that help in inner peace and satisfaction.

4. The Affirmations pod

According to the research reciting of affirmations can be very useful to create a healthy lifestyle, maintain inner peace and improving the mindset of a person. All these lead to a healthy mental state. The host of this podcast Josie Ong has a soothing and calm voice that provides peace and satisfaction. Overall listening to this podcast is very relaxing. Whenever you are feeling anxious or stressed, give it a try and it will greatly improve your mental state.

Affirmation POD

3. The mindful kind

Mindful podcast is a great tool for improving the overall health. It involves mindful eating to exercise. The host is Rachael Cable, who only has a calm voice but also kind manners. She provides ways for easy and soothing practices that calm your body and mind. You do not have to take out extra time for this podcast as its episodes are not lengthy and provide practicable solutions to live mindfully.

2. Invisibilia podcast

This podcast helps to gain information regarding certain behaviors. It helps to comprehend the science behind certain acts of humans and why they adopt such behavior. It involves personal experiences and stories that can inspire people and find ways to improve their health and behaviors. It provides a guide for adopting healthy behaviors.

1.The meditation podcast

Meditation is one of the useful ways to soothe the mind and relax the body. This podcast involves the delta noise wave techniques which are extremely soothing and relaxing. Listening to it for a short while will definitely wake away all your worries and remove the freckles from your face. Give this podcast a must try and see your mind and body relaxing immediately!

So, this is the list of best podcasts! Chose the podcast of your own choice and educate and inspire yourself regarding healthy behaviors. Pick any one or more, download the episodes of your choice and listen to it whenever you want. These will surely help to become what you aspire, that is being healthy and sound.


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