Internal Organs of Human Body and Their Functions


Human body is one of the most complex thing you can ever came across in the whole world. It is a scientific prodigy that works as a self-sustaining unit. It absorbs energy from the food we eat and carry out the bodily functions with the help of that energy. Also gains the energy from the food than breaks downs the energy molecules in the body to fuel up the body and the process of digestion and respiration takes place, as the body absorbs oxygen from the air. All the organs in the body, functions individually and they carry out lots of special and unique functions. We consider skin as the largest organ of the body there are 23 internal organ in human body. The inner part of the tongue, ears and eyes are also included in the list. Following is the list of internal organs of a body.

List of Internal Organs of Human Body & Functions

Internal Human Organs

1. Adrenal Glands:

Adrenal glands are endocrine glands with triangular shape, located just above the kidneys or at their top. The main function of adrenal glands is, to discharge the hormones in the body, in response to pressure and stress.

2. Bladder

Before being discharge of, the urine gets filtered by the kidneys and collected in the bladder. It is a muscular organ which is distensible in nature to collect the amount of urine that comes from the kidneys after being filtered. It is located in the pelvic area. In females, bladder is located just above the vagina and below the uterus while it is located between the pubic symphysis and rectum in males.



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