How to Increase Lactation Naturally | Foods for New Moms


After giving birth to a baby, the main and most important concern of a women is about her milk supply to nourish her new born. Some mothers stop breastfeeding after some days worrying about their weak/low milk supply. And let their infants rely on unnatural bottled milk. Breastfeeding is not only good for your infant but it also strengthen the immune system of the mother and reduces the risk of breast cancer. It is important for every mother to know how to increase lactation naturally.

Home remedies are always the best natural ways to prevent many problems one of which is to increase lactation for your new born.

Increase Lactation Naturally | Foods for New Moms


Oatmeal is rich in fibre, iron and calcium. And these specific nutrients are beneficial and recommended to increase breast milk. Oats are usually consumed in breakfasts as porridge but it can also be used combined with nuts, vegetables or fruits and even with whole flour to make cookies or cakes.


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