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Lung Cancer is when abnormal cells grow in one or both the lungs, they do not grow in normal healthy lungs but they form into tumors and spreads across the whole body. These cancerous cells blocks the bloodstream of oxygen and becomes larger in size. Malicious tumors are the more hazardous ones, spread to other parts of the body either through the blood circulation or by the lymphatic system. Metastasis refers to cancer dispersion beyond from the place it started to other parts of the body. It is very difficult to treat cancer when it spreads across the body.

Lung Cancer Types

There are two types of lung cancers, one is primary and other is secondary. The primary lung cancer starts from the infection directly in lungs while the secondary cancer starts from some other part of the body and reaches to the lungs.

It is shown in one research that women develops lung cancer 35 times faster than men and in the next coming decades the percentage of people dies from it will increase to great extent and this could be very alarming situation for all of us. More than 1370’000 people dies every year from lung cancer all over the world.


Lung cancer causes due to the damage DNA and the substance called carcinogens which causes the damage DNA ultimately affects the lungs and caused cancer. Tobacco, arsenic, asbestos, ultraviolet radiation such as X-rays and gamma rays, the sun, and compounds in car exhaust fumes contains carcinogens which causes lung cell damage. And 87% of lung cancer is caused because of inhaling smoke from cigarettes, hukah, and tobacco. It also develops due to some genetic cancer background.

Symptoms and signs:

  • Intense Coughing that doesn’t go away neither treated with any of the medicine and the cough causes intense pain in the chest.
  • Difficulty in breathing, heaviness and noisy breathing is another sign of lung cancer.
  • Coughing in this type of cancer also causes blood discharge while coughing.
  • Fatigue, nausea, swirling head and weakness is the most common sign of this cancer.
  • Lung cancer patient losses appetite and ultimately losses weight in very intense way.

When lung cancer reaches to advance level or serious stage the symptoms changes into very serious terms that is:

  • Laziness, unable to work and difficulty to move.
  • Headaches
  • Jaundice or pneumonia.
  • Swelling and lumps in neck or face.
  • Blood vomiting

Suggested treatments:

Pain Medication:

Lung cancer cannot be treated completely with medications but there are some medicines that are used to relief the intense pain and some medicines are used to stop this cancer from spreading in other part of the body but this is only applicable in primary lung cancer.


Surgery is preferred in lung cancer and it is treated by lung transplant. This sort of treatment is safe but in certain cases it is very dangerous to transplant the lungs.


Number of chemotherapy medications are used to treat lung cancer. Chemotherapy is a treatment in which it weakens/kills the cancer cells and proper medications helps the cancer to spread across the whole body. Chemotherapy do has some side effects as complete baldness, intense vomiting and severe weakness.

Ultraviolet radiations:

Ultraviolet radiations are passed through the infected area to weaken or to kill the cancer cells. In radiation treatment only infected area is suffered as compared to chemotherapy in which whole body got affected.

Lung Cancer Symptoms Signs Treatment


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