6 Sacred Herbs and Foods for Boosting Sex Drive


2. Damiana:

Damiana is also known as Turnera Diffusa that naturally grows in Mexico, Southwest America, South America and Caribbean. Herbal experts consider Damiana as a leafy herb, which is highly- prized with libido enhancer properties. It has caffeine, flavonoids, glycosides, phenolics, and terpenoids, which are all associated with increased and regulated blood flow and lesser feelings of stress and anxiety. It especially enhances the blood flow near pelvic area, where enhanced sensitivity leads to intensified stimulation and increased sex drive.

sacred herbs

3. Suma root:

Suma root is also known as Brazilian Ginseng. It is widely used and extremely popular in South America’s native population to increase the female libido and balances the hormones connected to sex drive. Even it is confirmed by the science that suma root is associated with increased levels of estradiol-17beta, which is a primary estrogenic hormone during a woman’s years of reproduction. It is also reported by the women, who have used this herb that they experienced more intense sexual desire and greater satisfaction with their partners.

4. Colostrum:

With the birth of baby calves, their mother generate a special kind of milk which is highly nourishing and loaded with a lot of essential nutrients including immune system stimulating factors, vitamins, minerals and huge variety of potent health boosting compounds that flourishes the overall health and enhances the hormonal balance. This is called colostrum. This is the nature’s style to make sure that the baby calves are getting enough nutrients that could lead to their healthy life and they get into healthy adults and thrive in great condition. These are also filled with growth hormone, which are also associated with greatly enhancing sex drive and better sexual experience. They are also linked with body mass gain, but consuming a lot of them aren’t linked with weight gain at weird places. This will only restore your youthful vigour and boost your hormonal system with horniness.


  1. Shilajit is mineral pith naturally occurring in Himalayas.
    It is nothing but important minerals in ionic forms.Its a myth that it improves performance.However it definitely augments vitamins and mineral deficiencies.


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