Snoring Remedies: 7 Ways to Stop Snoring


It is said by the experts that snoring might create real life problems in married life. Even people end up having separate bedrooms. This is because a snoring person also prevents other people from good night sleep. They often gets mocked in family and friend’s gathering about snoring. So this is no more a joke but quite a serious problem.
45% of the people are generally suffering from snoring and out of which 75% have higher risk of getting into heart diseases. This is because snoring disturbs the breath for shorter period and leads to health hazards. Before you go to the doctor and start using pills and drugs and sprays, you should try some self-treating easy snoring remedies that aids in preventing snoring. All you need to do is find out the reasons about why you snore and change your lifestyle accordingly.

While snoring, the mouth structure that includes lower throat and upper throat, tongue, uvula and soft palate, tremble against the adenoids and tonsils that creates the snoring sound. It could be due to any reason. Having a long tiring day may result in snoring, consuming excess of alcohol before sleeping, chest infections and congestion or cold n flu also leads to snoring. It is often said by the experts that people who are overweight or obese are more likely to snore loudly. And this is because of having extra fatty tissues in the throat.

7 Snoring Remedies

Snoring Remedies

1. Change your sleeping position:

If you have a habit of sleeping on your back, you are more likely to snore while you sleep. This is because this will cause the soft palate in the throat and tongue collapse to the back wall of the throat causing snoring. So it is better to keep changing your positions while you sleep or sleep on your side instead of your back. Sleeping on your side makes dramatic differences. Putting a lot of soft pillows at your side that help you sleep on your side. You can also tap a tennis ball to the back of your trousers for preventing yourself from sleep at your back.

2. Avoid excess Alcohol:

Drinking a lot of alcohol can reduce the inactive tone of back throat muscles, causing it to snore. If you drink a lot of alcohol 4 to 5 hours before you go to the bed, it will worsen the snoring so bad. In fact, it is said by the experts that people who normally don’t snore are more likely to snore, if they drink alcohol before going to bed.



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