6 Sacred Herbs and Foods for Boosting Sex Drive


Maybe you have not felt an urge to have sex in few days because possibly it’s just not as before or didn’t felt as good as it should be. This might be due to stress, anxiety or maybe something really more than that. Talking about poor sex drive or boosting it seems like a taboo to talk about but in real it shouldn’t be. A healthy and happy sex life is very important for building a healthy relationship with your partner with any kind of stress and anxiety that too is necessary for overall wellbeing of a person. Exercise and healthy diet is a complete package for better health and for stimulating sex drive but there are some certain sacred herbs and foods, which are directly associated with boosting sex drive.

Beyond their libido boosting and hormonal properties, these herbs are sacred enough to be used in many foods and medicines. They have extremely powerful properties that heals the mind, body and help you have balanced spirit and harmony with yourself. So they should be treated with mere respect. And should be used regularly to have greater boost in your sex drive. You should understand that happy and satisfied relationship is vital.

6 Sacred Herbs and Foods

1. Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is linked with many health benefits including weight loss, regulating blood pressure and insulin levels in the body etc. But did you know that a piece of dark chocolate is also going to help you increasing your sex drive? Technically, dark chocolate is not an herb but if we consider its benefits it is a sacred food for sure. It contains 70% cocoa that increases the dopamine levels in the brain, which is a happy chemical. With the rise of happy chemical in brain, your mood becomes better with lesser anxiety and stress and ultimately improved response to the stimulation and better desire.


  1. Shilajit is mineral pith naturally occurring in Himalayas.
    It is nothing but important minerals in ionic forms.Its a myth that it improves performance.However it definitely augments vitamins and mineral deficiencies.


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