How to Increase your Sexual Confidence


Whenever I think of my sexual performance, it feels like I’m going to lose my nerve on rifle range. It’s more like my dad is going to pressurize me to crack and here I’m cracked. Well this sounds so crazy but that’s how it is. And this is what we call performance anxiety. Sexual performance anxiety is same like having anxiety in other fields of life, when you worry too much and that affects your performance as well as the outcome. Sex is always needs to be spontaneous, relaxed and so full of fun. But most of the men make it as a test of manhood. But tests are either pass or failed. So, it is important to increase your sexual confidence and performance.

But in real, it’s never about meeting deadlines, standards or performance. In sex life of most of the men, sexual performance anxiety attacks in the mind that ended with sex avoidance that too hurts the self-esteem, and general confidence.

A person who is facing tough time in life, like money issues, working late at night, family problems and ultimately very low confidence. But he never had a problem with sex but while facing all these tough times he began to think about how his performance would be. People having this in mind, should follow the following tips:

5 ways to Increase your Sexual Confidence

1. Life health check: What’s going on outside the bedroom?

If you are having tough time with your normal routine life, this can seriously affect your sexual life. This sexual stress could be the outcome of too much coffee, alcohol, or any kind of tobacco. This is because you are working hard all day and you aren’t getting time to relax. If your day is full of things you need to do or with huge to do lists than you are not going to get yourself relaxed. And this will result in having stressful bedroom life.

To avoid this situation, take some necessary steps to reduce stress from your life. Start to get yourself relaxed every day, take some time out for fun or non-competitive task either at work or with your partner, plan small plans for outing, and exercise regularly. Stop taking people’s reviews so seriously that make unconscious performance reviews in your mind. Same goes with sex life, don’t worry about the ‘performance reviews’.



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