Treatment for Cancer Types


CANCER is a very crucial disease caused by abnormal growth of cells that can spread in any part of the body and covers many tissues. In the disease some of the cells begin to spread and some starts to contract causing very serious illness and sometimes even death. In this post, we will try to elaborate treatment for cancer types and effects on health.

Human body is made up of trillions and trillions of cells and cancer cells can grow in any part of the body. In natural human body process all the cells keep breaking and new cells keep taking their places and that’s how the body work properly but when cancer cells grows the old cells keep becoming abnormal and the natural process disturbs.

Treatment for Cancer Types and Effects

Cancer cells usually forms in a tumour that is a mass of tissues. Tumours have highly toxic fluid in it that spread in the whole body if not taken proper care of. As these tumours develop, some cancer cells can break off and move to aloof places in the body via blood and forms a new tumour far from the real one. Other types of cancer like Blood cancer and leukaemia doesn’t develop with tumour because they grow in fluid that is blood.



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