Detox Water Recipes to Burn Fat


There is no other better substitute than the detox water to burn fat and additionally get the clear glowing skin. Detox water is now getting its distinguishing place amongst all health followers. Having water in optimal amount on daily basis is very important for the healthy life style. Drinking water is bit harder for most of the people but with the addition of some delicious slices and chunks make it tastier and even more enjoyable.

Here we have some delicious yet simple detox water recipes to burn fat and get glowing plus clear skin. 3 different detox water recipes with different ingredients and different punch of taste are great to treat you in all seasons with their freshness. You can also have an option to mix and match different ingredients and get your desired taste according your taste buds.

Detox Water Recipes To Burn Fat

Detox Water Recipes to Burn Fat

Preparation of detox water requires very less time. You can place your water jug in the refrigerator and even carry the detox water bottle with you in the long hectic official work days. The detox water bottles are easy to carry and you can refill them with the same ingredients for many times as you required. One interesting fact about all detox drinking water is it will surely clear your skin and give you good shape as the intake of more water is always great for the skin and weight loss regime.

  1. Delicious Cucumber mint lemon detox water recipe

This drink provides additional nutrients and numerous health benefits. This recipe mainly focuses on flushing out the body toxins and water retention in the body. It works effectively to give you the good body shape.


  • 2 litre water
  • I sliced cucumber
  • I sliced lemon
  • 10-12 mint leaves

Take a pitcher or jug with the 2 litres of water in it. Place all above mentioned ingredients in this and leave it in the fridge for few hours or steep overnight. Drink it daily as it also helps to clear your skin.

  1. Zero calorie Apple cinnamon detox water

Apple cinnamon detox water is considered to be the zero calorie detox water. In this recipe the single calorie carrying ingredient is apple but the absorption of apple calories in water is negligible. Cinnamon helps to cleanse body organs and the health benefits of water make it more delicious, refreshing and healthy drink to keep you energetic all the day long.


  • 2 litre water
  • 1 sliced apple
  • Cinnamon stick

Put all ingredients in the jug. You can also add one litre water with the one litre iced water or you can place it overnight in the fridge.

  1. Pain relieving Lemon Ginger detox water

This detox water is best to start your day, having a glass of lemon ginger detox water will help to cleanse your body. Ginger has the properties to relieves pain and also anti-inflammatory. This detox water tastes bit strong and difficult to adopt by some of us. So, this recipe is based on the single serving not the all day long serving. For this detox water the ingredients are given below:


  • I glass of water
  • ½ lemon juice
  • ½ inch ginger root

Take water at room temperature and add in it the grated ginger with the ½ squeezed lemon. Take it in the early morning and get rid of all pain and restlessness.


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