Study Reveals Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells


Medical Marijuana – other name of the drug is medical cannabis. It is grown in the parts of the world that grows resins which has a special compound called cannabinoids. Some of the cannabinoids are so psychoactive to act on the conscious level and the brain. Now scientists reveals that Marijuana kills cancer cells from human body.

Though Cannabis possessions are illegal in most parts of the world. It require special kind of license in case of keeping it. But they have a lot of benefits for the human body when they are used as medical drug.

Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

marijuana kills cancer cells

It may help you to be relieved from the inflammation causing pain, and help you fight back with stress and anxiety without causing the high feeling. With the growing number of people who believe that cannabis can be used as positive medical drug, its growth is also increased. But it is still not finalized that should it be legal in near future or not.

It is said by the scientists that they have experimented the thought that cannabis can kill cancer cells in the body. The millions of cannabinoids in the cannabis have this tendency to kill cancer cells present in the body. Those cannabinoids when enter in the body, they drag to cannabinoid receptors (name of the elements, given by scientists). These receptors are situated all through the body and they help regulate and control the number of different fleshly functions.

Once the cannabinoids have connected with those receptor, they chemically “interconnect” with the cells they are connected. When this happened inside human body it started to feel better because cannabis are already working their way to kill those cancer cells and the other compounds are working to reduce the anxiety and make one feel better.

The evidence of this experiment from the well-known scientists is so strong that the government is of the view to take action about considering marijuana as a suitable medical drug. Because now they also believe that marijuana can kill the cancer cells. It can also reduce the size of the other harmful cells in the body that can cause cancer. What are your thoughts?


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