Healing Benefits Of Matcha Tea


Matcha is fine grounded powder of an especially planted and processed high quality green tea leaves. It is a special form of low-calorie green tea that contains caffeine and many nutritional benefits to treat and prevent illness. It is a fact that one cup of Matcha tea contains antioxidants equal to 10 cups of brewed Green tea. It is traditionally used for ceremony or royal parties.

Healing Benefits Of Matcha Tea

Healing Benefits Of Matcha Tea

Matcha tea has following benefits for human body:

Loaded with anti-oxidants:

Matcha tea is a finest and purest form of green tea which is so very rich in antioxidants. Which prevents many cardio vascular diseases. Antioxidants has anti-inflammatory properties that protects stomach and heart from burning. It also let the arteries to carry blood from heart equally to all the body. One cup of this tea contains equal amount of antioxidants that 10 cup of normal green tea has.

Anti-Cancer properties:

Matcha tea contain catechins EGCg— which is known for its properties to diagnose cancer cells and fight backs with them. This particular substance protects against DNA damage, effects of UV rays and pollution. One cup of this tea provides enough amount of EGCg to preserve and restore lost well-being and health of the body.

Weight loss:

Who in the face of this earth does not wanted to loss those stubborn extra belly fats, without exercising or fad diets? Everybody does. Matcha tea is a natural fat burning tea that increase metabolism and aids weight loss, especially around you abdominal areas. Consume one cup of this tea every morning or after/before every meal to best possible results.

Boosts brain activities and memory:

Matcha tea also has a substance called L-Theanine, which enhances brain activity, improves power of concentration and memory. It also reduces severe mood swings and make you fresh and energetic.

Reduces bad cholesterol level:

There is a cholesterol in human body that is known for LDL. Which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes and other serious cardio vascular diseases. And the risk of blood pressure and even diabetes because it doesn’t let the fat cells break down. Matcha tea is beneficial to fight this problem by regulating HDL that is good cholesterol level. It balances the blood pressure and protects heart against strokes and attacks.

Well taste and detoxification:

Matcha tea is good taste beverage after every meal and it aids digestion and detoxify the toxins from the body. Process of detoxification is also beneficial for weight loss.


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