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Women are generally called the weaker sex, and thanks to the media and the society they are generally brought up in a way that they take pride in being the damsel in stress. While they get enough messages for flaunting their delicacy throughout the media propaganda, there are reasons that they should start lifting weights. You are a woman and frowning at the idea? That comes as no surprise. However research findings clearly dictate the benefits of this practice. Here are some reasons why women should lift weights.

Why Women Should Lift Weights

Reasons: Why Women Should Lift Weights

  1. Fat loss: I am sure you hate fat. Well start lifting weights then. Wight lifting is a form of resistant training, and experts have stated this as a very efficient means of weight loss. The befit lies in it prompting your body to burn calories and in turn fat during the course of the workout and in its aftermath. It also increases Post-Exercise Oxygen consumption. Your body starts to consume more oxygen and in turn expends out more calories, hence increasing the metabolic rate and reducing weight.
  2. Calorie Expenditure: Building lean muscle mass helps you burn calories, and strength training is definitely one of the best ways of doing that.
  3. Nicer figure: You are a woman? Then of course you want a nice, hourglass figure. If you lose weight, there is a possibility that you are losing muscle too along with fat. However if you do strength training and lift weights, then all you lose is fat and build muscles. Finally you can have the figure of your dreams. Weight lifting puts you in control by sculpting your body, and making it easier for you to achieve your reshaping dreams.
  4. Better Sleep: Better sleep is imperative for more striking beauty, this is a fact. And according to research, strength training can help you drift into a faster and deeper sleep. Sleep also aids various important neurological functions and aids our memory and learning skills. Therefore it I high time to lift weights.
  5. Health: Strength training inclusive of weight lifting is important to health in many ways. Firstly it increases the energy expenditure, hence regulating your basal metabolic rate.

Again, research has proven that heart health is strongly and possibly related to strength training. Strength training reduces all the risk factors for heart disease such as triglycerides, higher blood pressure, and waist with more circumferences etc. Therefore it eventually has a good effect on your heart. Moreover when you lift weights, blood is circulated more effectively hence adding to your cardiovascular fitness.

Strength training also protects against loss of bone by increasing bone density and therefore prevents the risk of osteoporosis, which is a big risk for women in their late forties and early fifties. Some researchers say that you will even be smarter.

Overall, better health means more longevity and you might turn out to live longer.

  1. Stress Reduction: Various studies have found that those who exercise have an ability to manage their stress better than those who don’t. And weight lifting is one of the most strenuous forms of exercise, hence one of the most effective mechanisms to coping with stress.
  2. Strength: Weight lifting leads to both physical and mental strength. You become physically strong and also develop the qualities that are there in successful people. For instance, commitment and punctuality are induced by a workout regime. Moreover, researchers state that workers are 15 percent more productive on days they exercised. So ladies you definitely would want to be productive in order to move your way up the corporate ladder.

Women of the world, lift some weight! While it is an amazing idea to wait for some prince to come and save your damsel in distress self, I would pose one simple question. If you won’t take care of yourselves then who will?



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