4 Weight Loss Rules To Forget


It is said that people who shed their excess weight, are more likely to gain all that weight back in 2 years. It also said that they gain more weight than before and 96% of people do gain all that weight back. But there are some people who have lost 50% of their excess body weight and are successful to keep that weight off for more than a decade. But how? How this is even possible? This is absolutely possible if you break some weight loss rules. I’m not saying that weight loss rules don’t work all the time. They do, in fact most of the times they do. But sometimes they don’t. Every individual have their own body system so those rules are only applicable for some.

I am going to write about how you can lose weight. Also how you can keep that weight off for longer period of time by breaking all the weight lose rules. This is the foundation of shedding pounds and people would love this because that how they can achieve their dream body and healthy long life.

Weight Loss Rules

1. Forget about the calories:

Don’t burden yourself by being calorie alarmed but you should be just calorie aware. There’s a whole science about calories that doesn’t matter or doesn’t work. That is because there are different types of calories our body has and our body needs and uses in different ways. For instance, there are protein calories that our body needs to be about 20% so that our body can digest the proteins from the foods. And it is little less when comes to fat and carbohydrates.

Calories are just outdated. They are easy to buy and sell and it is easy to get people fooled in the name of calories because people are so much scared of these, which is absolutely wrong perception. Forget about it.



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