Try these Exercises for Toned Bust and Butt


Every woman out there wants to look pretty and perfect, but no matter how much you work out to keep your body in shape, there are some parts of your body that like to remain flabby and loose. No matter how much you run or cycle, there is absolutely no affect on them. That is because you need some special toning exercises for your bust and butt to keep them in shape. The exercises we are gonna talk about today can be very efficient if you choose to make a routine and follow it every day.

Exercises For Toned Bust And Butt

Exercises for Toned Bust and Butt

Toned Bust Exercises

Push Ups

For toning your bust you can start with the most common and somehow difficult of all, push-ups. For starters, I won’t ask you to do them properly as it can be very challenging for the beginners, try to balance yourself on your hands and knees. Slowly lower yourself towards the ground and raise yourself again. Make sure your stomach is sucked in and your back is straight while you lower yourself. Do it with 5 push-ups per set and repeat the set 4 times. After each set take long breaths while staying in the exact position. Once you get used to this, try to balance yourself on the balls of your feet instead of knees because that is the proper and more efficient way.

Elbow Squeezes

Next exercise you can try is elbow squeezes, you will require dumbbells for this. This is one of the simplest exercise that works out our chest muscles. For this exercise you need to stand straight, holding dumbbell in each hand, bend your elbows to 90 degrees and raise your arms to eye level. Now slowly draw your elbows together till when they touch each other and then open them again to get back to initial position. Again you need to do 4 sets.

Butt Exercises for Women


The exercises for firmer butts are a little more effort taking, but if you have the will you can achieve your goal in no time. Squats, if squats don’t remind you of butt exercises, what does? The initial position for squats require your to stand with your feet one shoulder width apart while your arms are stretched out. Now all you need to do is imagine you are about to sit on a chair, lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the ground and then back to initial position. For this you will only need to do two sets, as doing more won’t allow you to do other exercises because squats are very tiring.

Dead lifting

Another exercise for toned butts is deadlifts, again you will require a set of dumbbells. After putting the dumbbells on the floor in front of you, stand straight to get in the initial position to start the exercise, your feet should be hip-width apart. Slowly squat down to grab the dumbbells but make sure your head and chest are up, your back in not rounded and your arms are straight. Start raising yourself again to a standing position while thrusting your hips forward and shoulders backward. Then squat again to put the dumbbells back and get back to initial position. Repeat 2 to 3 sets.


  • Always start your exercising routine with a warm-up.
  • Drink water before, during and after your workout sessions.
  • Make a regular routine, not doing these exercises for a couple of days can make your bust and butts lose the firmness.
  • Sleep well so you are very alert during this.
  • Stretch a lot as it helps the muscles.

There is only one last thing you should keep in mind while you decide to do these exercises, that is do not push yourself too hard. Start slowly and once you get comfortable with that, try a little harder. If you start with too much, you won’t ever like the thought of exercising again which cannot be good for you.

Eat healthy as well, try out some energy drinks like green juice right after the exercise so you don’t feel tired all day. In the end, if you cannot motivate yourself enough to start with these you should know you are perfect and aren’t here to impress someone. If you would like your body toned then try these, if you’re doing it for someone else then you are starting from the wrong point.

Enjoy and stay toned!


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