Top 25 Zinc Rich Foods For Overall Good Health


Here we made the list of top 25 zinc rich foods which belong to the both animal and plant sources. This list will help you to incorporate these foods in your daily diet in a way to maintain good zinc level in the body.

Top 25 Zinc Rich Foods

  1. Beef

Beef is a very good source to improve zinc level in the body. In the single serving of 100 g of beef you can get 4.18 mg of zinc while consuming 254 calories. No doubt that there are some other food sources whom 100g can provide you better level of zinc but these foods are bit difficult to eat in the single serving of 100 g such as some seeds. But the beef stake would be great to enjoy in your meal with the sufficient amount of zinc in it.

  1. Shrimp

It also belongs to the high quality protein food and low in calorie. In a single serving of 100 g of shrimp you can get 1.34 mg of zinc with the consumption of 85 calories. These are surprising sources of anti-oxidants and it helps to fight for the inflammation in the body.


  1. Turkey

Turkey is a good option to add up zinc without pilling the extra fat and calories. Roasted turkey without the addition of sodium and nitrate may provide your body with the 3.09 mg of zinc with the single serving of 100 g and consuming 104 calories.

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a wise source to have zinc. It also provides your body a healthy assortment of vitamins and minerals. You can have it as a side dish or as a pizza topping. In 100 g of shitake mushrooms there is present 7.66 mg of zinc with 34 calories.

  1. Spinach

Spinach is the source of zinc belongs to the plant source. In 100g of spinach there is 0.53 mg zinc with the consumption of 23 calories. You can add it in your salads with the other zinc rich foods to make sure a healthy balance diet with eth sufficient zinc in it.

  1. Kidney beans

It is one of the best non animal zinc sources. It is good for the people who follow vegetarian diet and looking for the zinc to be added in their diet. In 100 g of kidney beans you can get about 2.79 mg of zinc with eth addition of 127 calories. It is also a good in providing your body with the energy, good glucose level.


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