Top 15 Superfoods for Your Heart


The actual modus vivendi to a healthy living is attributed with eating healthier food in a balanced proportion to supplement the human body with the required elements. Albeit, all the organs are being effected with the quality of food we consumed. However our heart is amongst the prime organs whose healthy functioning necessitates the observation of healthy eating schedule that contain good fats, a lot of proteins and heart healthy foods. Following are the 15 heart healthy foods that can boast your heart health and keep you fit and active all day long.


Top 15 Superfoods for Your Heart

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a wonder food I must say as its consumption can help regulate many metabolic functions. Research suggests that the yogurt prevents the chance of a gum disease. This gum disease if left unattended it can affect the heart of a human being. Addition of the probiotics in the yogurt while manufacturing increasing its utility inside our stomach. It also effects the gums by preventing the growth of the bad bacteria I the oral cavity. Moreover, including yogurt in our daily food improves our metabolic profile promoting to a maintained blood pressure and cholesterol level in the blood. Moreover, it prevents obesity thus negating a very important risk factor in heart disease.

2. Raisins

This small sweet gooey candy like dry fruit is not only a treat to a person’s sweet tooth. But a very important medicinal ingredient available in your kitchen cabinets. These fruits help prevent the colonization of harmful bacteria as it carries antioxidants that actually inhibits the inflammation of the gums which eventually helps in maintaining a healthy heart health. It has been reported that in America the tendency of people with the issue of gums inflammation are more prone to developing heart problems. Multiple researches caused the scientist of heart journal and periodontal journal due to the relatedness of either of the diseases came to consensus that we can prevent inflammation of the gums and indirectly preventing our body to life risking heart attacks and failures.




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