Top 15 Copper Rich Foods, daily dietary copper requirement, essentiality & health benefits of Copper


14. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are easily available and can provide sufficient amount of copper. In different types of mushroom the copper content is different. But they can provide up to 5mg of copper per 100g, depends on mushroom.

15. Eggs

Egg yolk is also a good option to get copper. In 100g of egg yolk there is present 0.2 mg of copper. Food cooked with eggs can help your body to get rid of copper deficiency.

Daily dietary copper requirement

Daily dietary copper requirement for human body are different amongst different national and international organization. The minimal intake of copper acceptable to human body depends on age and gender. Copper requirement is different for adult males, pregnant females, nursing females, children and infants.

In North America the recommended daily dietary copper requirement is 0.9 mg /day in adult males and females. According to the world health organization (WHO) minimal acceptable intake is 1.3 mg /day.
Pregnant women and nursing mothers;

Daily dietary copper requirement in pregnant women and nursing mothers are slightly higher as compared to the non-pregnant and mothers who are not breast feeding. It is 1 mg/day for the pregnant women and 1.3 mg/day for the nursing mothers of 14-50 years of age.

Children and infants;
Copper requirement is different in infants and children and briefly described in the given table. World health organization (WHO) does not recommend the daily dietary per day copper requirement in children and infants. In North America per day copper requirement based on the age is given.

Age Daily dietary copper requirement
1-3 years 0.44 mg/day
4-8 years 0.7 mg/day
9-13 years 0.89 mg/day
14-18 years 1 mg /day

Infants and premature babies are having the highest risk of copper deficiency. Human milk is the best option for them to get rid of copper deficiency. Human milk should be substituted with eth fortified formula milk rather than the cow milk. Copper content is very low in cow’s milk. In formula milk the sufficient amount of copper is present to fulfill any deficiency.


  1. Useful information. Since the margin between the requirement and the level of toxicity of this essential mineral is very narrow; a word about excess of it in the diet is useful as well. Copper tubing used in hot water supplies is know to be a dangerous source. In such systems, drinking hot water should be eliminated due to v. high levels of copper contamination. Thanks.


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