Top 15 Copper Rich Foods, daily dietary copper requirement, essentiality & health benefits of Copper


10. Raw Kale

This fresh green leafy vegetable in not popular as its taste is not according to the taste buds of most amongst us. But this is great to get copper in your body. In 100g of fresh raw kale there is present 1.5 mg of copper. It is very low in calorie and contains no fat in it. To preserve the copper content steaming work better rather than boiling and graining of the vegetable.

11. Fermented soy food

Soy food includes legumes and legume products. In fermented soy food we talk about tofu and miso. In 100 g of fermented soy food there is present 0.56 of copper.

12. Goat cheese

Goat cheese is also good in providing cooper. You can get 0.73 mg of copper from 100 g of goat cheese. It is one of the best options to get copper from dairy products.

13. Beans

Kidney beans, soybeans, reddish chickpeas are also a significant source of copper. They are good in taste with the high fiber content.

Vegetables like mushrooms, soybeans, radishes and kidney beans which are easily available in the market have copper in them. Beans with the amount of copper present per 100g are given as under.

Source Copper in 100g
Soya beans 0.4 mg
Chickpeas 0.35 mg
Kidney beans 0.2 mg
Radish 0.1 mg


  1. Useful information. Since the margin between the requirement and the level of toxicity of this essential mineral is very narrow; a word about excess of it in the diet is useful as well. Copper tubing used in hot water supplies is know to be a dangerous source. In such systems, drinking hot water should be eliminated due to v. high levels of copper contamination. Thanks.


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