Top 15 Copper Rich Foods, daily dietary copper requirement, essentiality & health benefits of Copper


6. Chocolate

If we talk about chocolate, we all love them and would love to pile our kitchen with the cocoa. Luckily hot chocolates and unsweetened cocoa powder is rich in copper. 100g of unsweetened cocoa powder carries 3.8 mg of copper in it.

7. Beverages

Beverages can also fulfill the required amount of copper in our body. But they must be taken in a limited portion as they carry caffeine in it. It includes coffee, tea, beer and wines.

8. Seeds

All types of edible seeds are good in providing copper. It includes sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and water melon seeds. It is not only a source of copper but also provide a sufficient amount of potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, protein and Vitamins B&E. the amount of copper in per 100g of different seeds is given in the table.

Seeds Copper in 100g
Sesame seed 4.1mg
Sunflower seed 1.8mg
Flax seed 1.2mg
Pumpkin seed 0.1mg
Watermelon seed 0.7mg

9. Fruits

Fruits are probably one of the most popular food items in terms of its health benefits. They are best antioxidant with the Vitamins, iron and minerals. It is also good in providing the sufficient amount of copper to human body. Pine apple, lemon, avocado, litchi, star fruit and black berry are the top ranked fruits in providing copper.

Source Copper in 100g
Lemon 0.3 mg
Blackberry 0.2 mg
Litchi 0.2 mg
Avocado 0.19 mg
Pine apple 0.1 mg
Star fruit 0.1 mg


  1. Useful information. Since the margin between the requirement and the level of toxicity of this essential mineral is very narrow; a word about excess of it in the diet is useful as well. Copper tubing used in hot water supplies is know to be a dangerous source. In such systems, drinking hot water should be eliminated due to v. high levels of copper contamination. Thanks.


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