Top 15 Copper Rich Foods, daily dietary copper requirement, essentiality & health benefits of Copper


3. Meat

It is known as the protein source but distant from protein it also has copper in it. Meat includes beef, chicken, turkey; pork etc. liver is the part of an animal which is filled with many vitamins and minerals including copper. Veal liver carries the highest amount of copper in meat alternatives. It is great to save your body from copper deficiency. Let’s have a look at the copper presence in 100g of meat.

Source Copper in 100g
Veal cooked 15.1 mg
Beef 14.3 mg
Liver 7.0 mg
Pork 0.7 mg

4. Sea food

Sea food is one of the best category or food source to provide copper. It is also good in providing your body omega3 fatty acids and other important nutrient with eth copper. Oyster is the richest source of copper in the long list of seafood. The list includes squid, lobster, oyster, salmon, tuna sardines and lot more ahead. Some of them are given in table.

Source Copper per 100g
Oyster 7.2 mg
Salmon 0.1 mg
Tuna 0.1 mg
Sardines 0.3 mg

5. Nuts

Nuts are the richest source of copper. It includes cashew nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, almonds and peanuts. They are also providing your body with the sufficient amount of iron and omega 3 fatty acids. These are good to provide you healthy hairs, skin and nails. Here Is a chart to provide the information about the presence of copper per 100 g of nuts.

Nuts Copper per 100g
Cashew nuts 2.0mg
Hazelnuts 2.0mg
Walnuts 1.9mg
Pine nuts 1.8mg
Pistachios 1.6mg
Almonds 0.9mg
Peanuts 0.7mg


  1. Useful information. Since the margin between the requirement and the level of toxicity of this essential mineral is very narrow; a word about excess of it in the diet is useful as well. Copper tubing used in hot water supplies is know to be a dangerous source. In such systems, drinking hot water should be eliminated due to v. high levels of copper contamination. Thanks.


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