Top 10 Best Winter Detox Foods


9. Black Cod

Do you eat red meat? If yes than do try black cod meat. Shifting from red meat to black cod is the healthiest choice you can ever make as it is extremely rich, contains lots of nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B-12, and lots of other minerals. A person who eats a black cod steaks feels much fuller than a normal person who consumes red meat. It keeps your body warm in winters, and healthy. Omega-3 fatty acid in black cod reduces inflammation and helps your body cells to grow and to function properly.

10. Non-Dairy Milks

Daniluk states in her book that dairy products forms mucus that holds the body back from getting rid of toxins naturally. Many people who cuts out the dairy products from their lives clear their skins and sinuses problems. As Daniluk stated that almond milk is pretty thin so she preferred cashew and coconut milk. Non-dairy milks are easy to digest and contains lots of proteins and omega-3 and omega-6 acids along with lots of minerals and Vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B-12. The only thing it doesn’t contain is calcium so get yourself another source to get calcium.


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