The Best 10 Mental Health Apps


    6. SuperBetter

    This application is also free for users.

    SuperBetter is a game that helps you to remain strong, positive towards life, and motivated with the life challenges. An investigation by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia found that when individuals played SuperBetter for 30 days, their mood enhanced side effects of nervousness and sadness diminished, and self-conviction to accomplish objectives expanded.

    The application will assist you with adopting new habits gradually, enhance your abilities, reinforce connections, finish important activities, and accomplish your deep rooted dreams. SuperBetter likewise can possibly enable you to beat wretchedness and uneasiness, adapt to endless disease, and recuperate from stress disorder.

    7. 7 Cups

    This application is also free for users. 7 Cups would be the best choice for those who are lonely and need some vocal guidance. This app provides online therapy to reduce anxiety.There are more than 160,000 listeners who can speak to you. You can tell them how you feel about life without being judged

    8. Anxiety Relief Hypnosis

    This application is also free for users. This app is focused on:

    • reduce anxiety
    • improve relaxation
    • positive response

    There is an audio session with nature related music and sounds for relaxation.

    9. Happify

    This application is free for users all over the world. it is designed to improve the following:

    • overcome negativity
    • build resilience
    • control your thoughts

    The app suggests games and other relaxing activities to improve your mood and to overcome negativity. Your emotional health is calculated each week as a happiness score.

    10. Talkspace


    This application provides therapy that connects the depressed users with a suitable and affordable way to treat stress, depression, and relationship problems. You can talk to your private counselor any time without being judged and prices are very lower.

    This application focused on following:

    • Affordable therapist
    • overcome depression
    • reduce anxiety


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