The 20 Top Weight Loss Friendly Foods on The Planet


18. Chia Seeds

They are considered as one of the most nutritious food on planet earth. Each ounce of chia seeds contains 12 grams of carbohydrates but amongst them 11 are fibre. They are thus low carb but due to the presence of lots of fibres they can absorb 11-12 times more than their weight assuming the shape of a jell. They can help us reduce our appetites however they are not directly found helpful in weight loss.

19. Coconut Oil / Olive oil:

Coconut is an oil thus many of us think it is a very fattening substance however it is not true. Not all the fats are created same. They are known to be satiating instead of other fats and the process of fat burning is also sped up. Studies carried out women and men of different age groups revealed that they are mostly effective on the belly fat. Olive oil however is another wonder product of nature which has Omega 6 fats that are beneficial for the cardiac health. Extra virgin olive oil is amongst the best of oils this planet has.

20. Full-fat Yoghurt

Yogurt is a complete food, which has proteins some fat content and most importantly it has probiotic bacteria that colonises in the gut and helps in the digestion assembly. It prevents inflammation of tissues and reduces the resistance of the body against leptin which accounts for hormonal induced obesity. It’s wise to choose full fat yogurt than plagues like low fat sugaes and etc.


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