The 20 Top Weight Loss Friendly Foods on The Planet


14. Some Whole Grains

Although many diet plans focus on eliminating the grains from them however they are tiny houses of fibres that interact with the excessive sugar in your blood and consume it instead of its conversion into fats. They also contain a portion of proteins. The best among them are quinoa, brown rice and oats.

Oats carry beta-glucans which are soluble fibres that satiates our hunger. They also carry significant amounts of resistant starch when they are consumed cold instead of consuming them stove hot. The preferable kind of grains beneficial for weight loss is unrefined and whole. The refine grains is a no go for diets. It is both fattening and harmful

15. Chili Pepper

Chillies contain a substance called capsaicin in which is known for reducing the appetite and boost the fat burning process. This is why capsaicin is added to many weight loss supplements. Eating chilli can thus help in reducing weight however if people are accustomed to eating too much spicy food they tend to develop resistance and thus the effect of chilli is not too prominent.

16. Fruit

Many studies and literature has proved that the people who consume more fruits tend to live longer and healthier. Although are home to many sugars but their energy density is low hence they are fulfilling. Moreover, they take time to be chewed down so automatically the person eats less. Also, there are many fruits that contain plethora of fibres. They also control the release of sugars into the blood all at once. Those who have fructose intolerance or people who are on ketogenic diets tend to minimize its use.

17. Grapefruit

Grape fruit is a magic fruit which is too necessary to be highlighted since we are talking about weight loss strategies. A study was conducted on ninety-one obesity struck people and they were given half a grapefruit after every meal they had. It was observed that in a period of twelve weeks they lost 1.6 kg (3.5 pounds) weight. It’s consumption also lowers down the insulin resistance which occurs due to metabolic malfunctioning. It is also fulfilling and low on carbs.


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