The 20 Top Weight Loss Friendly Foods on The Planet


5. Lean Beef and Chicken Breast

Sometimes meat is demonized by many nutrition experts who tend to portray it as the major contributor to obesity and cardiac issues however it is not true. It is true that the meat that is processed is not good for health. Studies have proved that red meat which is raw and not processed is not dangerous for health. Although studies have shown that the red meat is found to be related to cancer in men however in women this risk is also not valid. It is full of proteins and friendly for weight loss candidates.

Research proves that the protein enriched diet allows you to burn 80-100 calories everyday thus it is a potent substance if you are willing to tone your body and lose some weight. If you increase your calorie intake to 25%-30% your craving is satisfied up to 60 % and therefore there are lesser chances of munching snacks during meals. For those who are on carbohydrate diets either moderate or high need to eat lean meat however for those who are on carbohydrate low diet can freely go for full fatty meat.

6. Boiled Potatoes

Potato is such a food that carries every nutrient we need in small amounts however due to some reasons they have been ruled out of favor. They are rich in potassium which has vital role in maintenance of blood pressure. On the scale to check how much fulfilling every food is potatoes were the best among all when boiled. A protip to consume the least amount of starch it has boil the potatoes and let them cool down because when it cools down a resistant starch is formed which is more like fibre and helps in weight loss by consuming less calories.

7. Tuna

Amongst the best protein diets Tuna is one which is basically a lean meat with least amounts of fats in it and its total calorie count is also low. For those who aim to build their body it’s the perfect choice. If you are on a protein diet go for eating Tuna but that which is canned din water not in oil.

8. Beans and Legumes

This category includes kidney beans, black beans, lentils and etc. they are helpful in weight loss. As they are rich on two very important elements in weight loss that are proteins and fibres. The also contain small amounts of starch. Mostly people have issues in digesting legumes because they might not be properly cooked. So, their proper preparation is necessary.

9. Soups

It has already been mentioned in the article above that the diets that are low in calorie count tend to make people eat less. These foods mostly contain a lot of water in them like for example fruits and vegetables. Adding water to your food to make soups make your food more fulfillment and low in calorie. They can help a lot in weight loss.


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