The 20 Top Weight Loss Friendly Foods on The Planet


Here are all the foods that can help you reduce weight and maintain an ever camera ready figure which is a dream for every man and woman.

20 Weight Loss Friendly Foods

1. Eggs

Eggs which are considered to be a source of bad fats and cholesterol in blood specially the egg yolk. However new researches prove that the egg should be consumed as a whole as it does not cause any kind of cardiac issues and does not affects adversely on the levels of cholesterol in blood. Therefore, an egg is such a food that supplies the body with protein, good fats and with a low number of calories keeps your hunger satisfied.

According to a study that was conducted upon 30 American women whose every day breakfast was changed from bagels to eggs plus making them eat lesser in comparison to what they had for the next 36 hours. After some days a drastic drop in their weight was witnessed which meant that egg was not at all responsible for the increase in weight or a surge in the blood cholesterol levels. Another study that was conducted for eight weeks showed that people who ate eggs daily in their breakfast lost weight with a calorie watched diet in comparison to carbohydrate rich bagels.

2. Leafy vegetables

The green vegetables which include the spinach, kale, swiss chards, collards and etc are also a perfect choice if you aim to lose weight without starving yourself. They both lack a lot of calories and carbs however they are fully loaded with lots of fibres which help in the gut during digestion and satisfying your hunger. These are very low in calorie and energy thus studies prove that people tend to eat less in such conditions. Along with these benefits they are enriched with different necessary vitamins, antioxidants and some minerals such as calcium. Calcium is also somehow involved in the burning of fats.

3. Salmons

Fish in included in white meat and it’s the most preferable kind of meat if you aim to lose weight. Amongst all of them the oily fish, Salmon is too nutritious. T comprises of relatively lesser calories, a lot of proteins, some good fats and other supplementary nutrients like vitamins and etc.

weight loss friendly foods on the planet

Sea food and fish are also a good source of iodine in the body which is imperative in the healthy working of the thyroid glands which directly affect our metabolic processes going on. It also carries Omega 3 fats that prevent the metabolic diseases from occurring. It makes body less prone to obesity and also lowers the chances of inflammation in different tissues of our body.

4. Cruciferous Vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels are categorized as cruciferous vegetables. They are low in fats, contain plethora of fibres and they are incredibly satisfying. They are also enriched with proteins which are not as high as animal proteins but if they are compared with other vegetables the proportion is quite high. This makes them a perfect food to reduce weight and consume least amount of carbohydrates.
They are also known to carry anti-cancer elements.


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