Top 12 Mint Leaves Health Benefits and Side Effects


Mint is a persistent herb that grows quickly. You can see all the purple blooming flowers on the plant during mint’s growing period. Mint comes in variety, though this is all natural but still it has several varieties starting from 10cm to 120 cm. Mint is an evergreen herb that grows in every environment but moist environment and soil is perfectly suitable for the fast growth of mint. It spreads quickly and is considered to be hostile. Mint is being used since hundreds of years and like all other herbs it is best when cooked fresh instead of dried, as it is a backbone of cooking for centuries. You can get the juice out of it but for this the herb should be fresh to get maximum juice.

You should have already guessed that this tiny herb is so full of impressive and healthy benefits along with high nutritional values. This is one of that herb that contains highest levels of antioxidants that plays vital role in preventing and curing many diseases like heart attacks and strokes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and even Alzheimer’s.

Mint is likes by everyone as it can used in many ways like cooking, juicing and garnishing. Yes you can use fresh mint leaves in juices or just blend with lemon, water, sugar and a pinch of salt. It also taste delicious when mixed with fruit salads. Despite having lots of benefits mint is great in taste and its cooling properties are great for inflammation.

We all know mint benefits for long time but since the science is progressing, more and more benefits are discovered. In previous times, mint was an active ingredient used to treat many diseases. Especially for the diseases like chest and stomach pains, to whitens teeth, to treat inflammation in stomach and oesophagus and to treat skin problems like acne and pimples. Mint is being used since ages in every part of the world. It is used in cosmetics, perfumes, cooking, toothpaste, aromatherapy, insecticide, menthol and medicines. It is also a special product in many cigarettes brand to eliminate smell and for soothing throat infections caused by smoke.

12 Mint Leaves Health Benefits

Still there are 12 more health benefits of mint are as follow:

1. Boost Digestion:

Like I stated earlier, one of the major health benefit of mint is, it improves digestion and treats stomach pain. Soft and refreshing aroma of mint soothes the stomach pain and acts as a great appetizer. It aids in digestion process by producing more saliva and more digestive enzymes in mouth that stimulates digestion process tremendously.


  1. Tanx for sharing these tips. I use fresh mint for my detox n dry ones for my tea. U ‘ve given me a lot benefits of this small herb. Tanx a lot.

  2. I used beets in a juicer once to heip my plugged liver. This mint would been good in there too. Who would have known a pain reliever for your liver. Also took milkthistle.


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