5 Remedies For Severe Heartburn Relief


Human body is the most complicated thing of the world and it is quite difficult to understand all of it complications. Human body has a tube like pipe that connects throat with the stomach and it has those powerful muscles that pushes food that we eat to the stomach. When already eaten food, water and juices enters in the stomach they combine together to produce acid. When this acid is not digestive by the stomach it moves back to the food pipe and cause inflammation. This inflammation is a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux, a diseases cause by inflammation. When this occurs it causes heartburn. We need remedies for this severe heartburn relief. It is vital to know heartburn symptoms and heartburn treatment.

heartburn relief

There are some drinks and food that when we consume, they accelerate the stomach secretion and causes heartburn and inflammation. Some medications also cause heartburn. Some of those foods are:

Excess use of caffeine and alcohol
Acidic juices and foods (grapefruit, orange, pineapple and tomatoes etc.)
Excess use of alcohol
Carbonated drinks
Aspirins etc.

The other main causes of inflammation is smoking, hiatal hernia, obesity and it is very much common in pregnancy. Inflammation and heartburn is not very chronic disease and it can be cured with natural home remedies I’m going to list below:

Remedies For Severe Heartburn Relief

Baking soda treatment:

A spoonful of baking soda is very beneficial for inflammation, heartburn, and gnawing. Just half a tea spoon of bicarbonate can dissolve the acid in the stomach and neutralizes the heartburn. All you need is:
Baking soda: ½ tsp.


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