Proven Yoga Poses For Enhanced Vision


Today, in the age of technology we are facilitating our lives with the modern equipment and having more comfort day by day. But ultimately this reduced physical effort in  our daily routine is pushing us at some place where we are losing the joys of a healthy life.

Thus with age, lack of much physical activity and stress, many types of changes occur in our body organs and cells. Eyes are one of the sensitive organs which need to be looked after properly. Because muscles around the eyes get rigid and weak with rigorous work effort and can become a leading factor of poor vision.

To keep the eyes healthy and vibrant with improved vision its very necessary to do some yoga exercises because changes in vision can never be ignored. These are easy to adapt and can be done easily anytime and at anyplace.

Proven Yoga Poses For Enhanced Vision

These below mentioned set of exercises will keep your eyes moist and release stress. Be careful, not to use any lenses during this and keep your spine and head straight throughout the procedure.

Proven Yoga Poses For Enhanced Vision


It includes different methods:


Before starting any exercise its important to warm up with:

  • Sit gently at a comfortable place, and relax yourself completely with smooth breaths.
  • Warm your hands palms by rubbing, place over the eye lids gently and feel the absorption of heat by the eyes.
  • Be still until the heat is totally absorbed by the eyes, this method relaxes the muscles around the eyes.
  • Don’t open the eyes and lower the hands.
  • Rub again the palms and repeat the method.


  • Keep your eyes open and sit comfortably.
  • Very quickly blink your eyes around 10 – 12 times.
  • Then close your eyes for 20 – 22 seconds, think nothing and relax.
  • This exercise can be repeated 5 to 6 times.
  • To make the clear idea of time in seconds, you can count till the above mentioned numbers too.

Viewing at Sides and Front

  • Sitting calmly in the same position, keep your head still.
  • Roll your eyes to the right and keep looking there for 5 seconds, don’t move face.
  • Similarly look to the left for 5 seconds and then close your eyes.
  • Open the eyes and stare at your nose tip for 5 seconds and then at some distant object in front of you for 20 seconds, it enhances the focusing ability, especially for the computer workers.


  • Look straight while breathing normally.
  • Start rotating your eyes in the clockwise direction, try to complete 5 – 6 circles.
  • Then repeat the process in anticlockwise direction for the same time period, keep sitting & relax.
  • Make sure that you cover all the corners of the eyes.


This yoga position is really helpful in increasing the blood supply to the brain and the eyes.

  • Bent down and try to balance your weight at your feet and wrists, making a V shape of your body.
  • Breath for few seconds in this position.
  • Make the lines of your elbows straight according to your wrist, no curve overall in your whole arm specially at the elbows.
  • Similarly make the lines of legs straight with no curve at the knees. Toes of the feet should be closer and heels should be wider from each other.
  • Relax in this position and drop head in between the arms.
  • Look at your belly and try to hold breath for as long as you can. Try this breathing exercise for 5 times.

So start practicing these yoga poses and you will notice the difference yourself in few days. This is fun, really easy and can be done at any convenient time. But better results are seen if someone tries at fresh eyes, early at the morning.

Have fun and enjoy life with these yoga poses.


  1. You may not like this! Some Muslim prayer positions may just do this. Not only for your eyes but enhancing other parts of the body.


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