Prevention of Cancer Through Barley Tea


Barley Tea is a healthy herbal tea with light smoky aroma and a strong flavor.  It is a common beverage in China, Japan and Korea. In China, it is known as maicha , in Japan as mugicha and boricha in Korea. Latest studies shows that prevention of cancer through barley tea is possible. 

Barley tea is widely used due to its health related benefits. It is also preferred as a coffee substitute because it is free from caffeine. Barley Tea is rich in fiber, minerals and phytochemicals that prevent certain types of disease such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
Antioxidants are present abundantly in barley tea that helps fight against various types of cancer.

Prevention of Cancer Through Barley Tea

Barley Tea Brewing

To make barley tea , barley seeds unshelled roasted barley or ground barley are brewing in hot water. Sometimes roasted corns are combined for balancing the slight bitter taste of tea. It is best served hot but some reports have shown that it is also effective when consumed cold as well.

Prevention of Cancer Through Barley Tea

Barley being enriched naturally with fiber has the ability to fight cancer in addition to the fact that it provides a boost to intestinal health making it the shield from colon cancer. The component of fiber in barley minimizes the risk of colon cancer by intensifying bulking activity along with a rapid decrease in transit time of fecal matter which makes the colon even healthier.
Keeping in the view that barley grain alone, is not the only component that treat the cancer. The barley greens also play a vital role because of their superoxide dismutase component.

Moreover, the barley green contains antioxidant component, called alpha-tocopherol succinate, which can fight cancer. This component is a family member of vitamin E, which is recognized for its anti-cancer mechanisms. This antioxidant prevents several types of cancer such as brain tumors, prostate cancer and leukemia.

More Health benefits of barley:

  1. The dietary fiber of barley helps in maintaining blood pressure. It also has low fat content and zero cholesterol.
  2. Barley tea helps in controlling diabetes. Due to its fibrous content, it is useful for diabetic patients. Since they need to lose weight to manage their blood glucose level, the use of barley in diet can be helpful.
  3. It prevents gallstone formation by reducing secretion of bile acid.Besides, Barley tea improves digestion, prevents heart disease, prevents asthma, maintain skin balance and treat sleep disorders.


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