12 Powerful Health Benefits of Pineapples


9. Bone health:

Have you ever think of pineapples and link them with having stronger bones? Let’s think about this now. High content of manganese in pineapple strengthens the bones and aids them in growing in kids. On a plus side, pineapple also repairs the broken or damaged bones.

10. Tissue health:

Pineapple is rich in vitamin C, which is an important part of producing collagen. This is the reason vitamin C can help you aid in wound healing and also prevents other infected bacterial diseases.

11. Oral health:

Without being toxic, pineapple provides lots of fluoride and it is beneficial for oral health. They contains astringent properties that strengthens your gums and prevents oral cancer.

12. Stress Reduction:

Lots of manganese in pineapple provides lots of energy in the body and creates the enzymes in the body that produces energy. Pineapples are rich in B vitamins, which are essential for stress reduction. Deficiency of B vitamins causes stress and anxiety. It also affects the functioning of brain.

Eating balanced amount of pineapple can lead to better functioning of brain, low stress levels and ability to deal with anxiety. Pineapple specifically contains lots of thiamine, an essential B1 vitamin needed for the production of energy, and vitamin B6 pyridoxine. Both the vitamins are more than 10% of RDI per serving (1 cup). Pantothenic and folic acid are also present in pineapple like more than 7% RDI per serving. They are also rich in biotin, choline and niacin. So eating good amount of pineapple can prevent vitamin B deficiencies and promote stress free life.


  1. I always loved pineapples but had no never dear it could help maintain B/P ease pain due to injury reduce risk of diabetes. Thank you.


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