Motivational Reasons to Lose Weight


“Weight loss”, basically it is a reduction of body mass, which sometimes is very important. The world in which we are living today is far away from natural and pure environment and artificial food and atmosphere is causing many crucial diseases like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, weak immune system, early ageing, pregnancy abnormalities or premature births etc. Now this is an alarming situation for all of us and we need to motivate our people by telling them how they can fight with all these diseases by just shedding those extra pounds. Which is by the way easy. All you have to do is eat right on right time and right quantity and do some exercise. Following are the motivational reasons to lose weight.

Motivational Reasons To Lose Weight

Motivational Reasons to Lose Weight

  • Longer life:

Yes! Eating right and exercise can add years to your life. And this is not an arrow in the air but a proven research. People who keep an eye on their diet and exercises regularly tend to live more than the people who don’t.

  • Reduces Stress:

Let’s start with self-examining. Whenever you are stressed up ask yourself to watch TV and it won’t help, ask yourself to eat and trust me it will not help again but working out will definitely will. Exercising reduces stress hormones and makes you feel energetic and calm like no other comfort-stuff. Regular exercising will not only boost your mood but it will also take away the depression and reduces your regular stress level to the minimum.

  • Strengthen heart:

While exercising your heart rate may increase too much but later your body will thank you for making your heart live longer. It strengthen heart muscles and help the veins to carry more blood to the body. Exercising and eating less will make your heart strong enough to fight cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks. Isn’t it enough motivation to start today? Yes it is!

  • Baby like sleep:

Having a good night sleep is one of the best thing you can do for your body. Deep baby like sleep reduces stress level, energize your body and relaxes your mind but sometimes even if you are very tired you find it hard to sleep. Researchers shows that people who exercises regularly tends to have more good night sleep than others and they have less chances to suffer from insomnia (lack of sleep). If somebody is already suffering from insomnia they can cure the condition by making exercising a regular part of their daily routine.

  • Protects vital organs:

Research says that obesity can cause failure of vital organs like liver and kidneys, higher risk of getting bladder diseases. Life is a blessing why drown it in sodas and waste over junk food and bakery items? It’s not like completely ignoring your sweet tooth, you can satisfy your craving once a week but better replace your sodas with lime water to keep your kidneys safe and healthy.

  • Perfect and young looking body:

Eating right and exercising will not only make you look young and beautiful but it will make you feel like young. Now a days, some 15-25 years old girls looks like 30-35 year old, why is that so? Because of poor eating habits and no exercise, that causes obesity and early ageing. On the other side some women in their 40’s, still looks like in their 20’s or 30’s, because of their habit in counting calories and exercising 4-5 times a week. We all want to look beautiful and this is our right too so why not start today or right now?

  • Save your cash:

People suffer from diabetes, heart attacks, and kidney stones, due to obesity. And obesity is caused by eating unhygienic food and no workout routines. Ultimately you tend to spend more cash on medical care and medicines. If one take healthy diet packed with essential nutrients and make his or her workout routine 3-4 times a week, they will tend to save money.

  • Strong bones and supports skeleton:

Having a strong body mainly depends upon your bones. Taking right amount of vitamins, calcium and iron from fruits, vegetables and dairy products will make your bones strong and supports your skeleton which is a key to maintain healthy body for longer and it protects from orthopedics and fractures later in life.

  • It makes you sharper:

Having sufficient amount of vitamins, iron and calcium plus Sweating in the gym or running will not only help you reduce body mass or build muscles but it also build your brain cells and make you smarter and sharper. It helps you learn and understand things faster, makes you a good reader and boosts cognition.

  • Makes your skin younger and clearer:

Change in hormones causes acne to adults and that’s the same age when they are entering to high schools. This is seriously a torture to have your first day in school with pimples. But if you really want to get rid of it than watch out your plate and consume more amount of fruits and vegetables instead of junk food and sodas. Make exercise a regular part of your routine. It’s not important to join gym for working out as we know how expensive it is neither you have to bring those machines at your home but buying a good pair of running shoes is easy. It will cost you less but will give benefits worth having.

  • Boosts self-confidence:

Mirror Mirror on the wall, you are prettier among us all? And the mirror replies off course you honey! That’s what we all want to hear. And when you are smart and your body is toned, not only your mirror but everyone is going to say this that will increase your self-esteem and boost your confidence. You will feel prettier and walk along with people with your head high.

  • Love your body:

Keeping an eye on your food intake and working out will ultimately leads to weight loss and make you look smart and young, and you will start to love and respect your body.

I think these motivational reasons to lose weight are enough to guide you in the right way. So, start your diet and exercise plan today to be fitter tomorrow.


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