Low Sodium Foods – Guidelines For Low Sodium Diet


Sodium is the actual taste maker in our food. More than that, it also helps in the food preservation. But the fact is we are using it without knowing about its presence. Main source of sodium is table salt and it is also named as the silent killer.

Sodium is required for the human body but in a limited quantity. All we need is only one tea spoon of table salt in whole day. But we are consuming about four to five tea spoon. Its more amounts in body can cause water retention, swallowing of legs and feet, high blood pressure with the higher risk of heart strokes. Even the food which does not taste too salty may carry loads of sodium in it.

Low sodium foods

Fortunately, if you are having a sound body system and not suffering from any disease like high blood pressure or heart strokes. You still need to take sodium in recommended amount suggested by the nutritionist. Salt as a silent killer will affect the body functioning in the long run. We prepare the list of low sodium food in an alternative to high sodium foods. We divide food items in five different sections based on fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, soups, fats and sweets.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very good for the human body. They help to keep you energetic and healthy with the freshness lock in your body. But as we are getting involved in the high tech world we are going to made these healthy food items injurious to our body. We don’t want to spend our time in the boiling of beans, chickpeas and other such vegetables. Also we don’t want to cut the fruit and remove its seed for the sake of convenience. But, for this convenience the usage of canned fruits and vegetables making it packed with the high sodium syrups and unhealthy chemicals. Try to get the food as fresher as possible and get the healthy low sodium stuff. In the table you can check the list of both high sodium and low sodium fruits and vegetables.


Low Sodium Vegan Diet
Low sodium fruits and vegetables High sodium fruits and vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables Canned vegetables and canned juices
Packed fruits and vegetables without sauces  Sauerkraut, olives, pickles or pickled vegetables
Fresh potatoes, instant mash potatoes and frozen French fries Frozen hash browns, tater tots
Low sodium tomato sauce or low sodium packed food but it’s better to use fresh food. Tomato sauces, salsa and packed mixes like scalloped etc.
Low Sodium Diet



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