Low Carb Diet – The Best and the Worst


Low carb diet is getting famous these days. We all are interested in getting the perfect summer body to flaunt this season. Though, the struggles end up with the zero results to achieve the target. There are many possibilities linked with the disillusionment. When we go with the low carb diet we often select the worst options of low carb food in our diet which makes passive success. Here we have a complete guide for you to know about the low carb diet and the best and worst options.

Low carb diet – the best and the worst

This diet plan is best in the way it allows you to eat more fat. Fats and oils are taste enhancer and made your food more flavorful. In this way you done need to eat tasteless food.

The two main energy sources in human bodies are carbs and fats. In low carb diet you cut carb and in case of no fat your body goes under starvation. In this case you feel fatigue, hunger and food cravings. Sooner or later you will give up. It is actually a low carb high fat diet (LCHF). The fat you eat in the low carb diet will be burned as fuel by your body. Because with the lower carb intake the insulin level in the body will be lowered. And as a result your body starts acting as the fat burning machine. That’s the key point of this diet. Just get ready for the delicious journey of weight loss. We all have some misconceptions in our mind. Fats are not that bad, actually the natural fats are good for you.

If you are going to lose weight with the LCHF diet then you need to cut starch and sugar up to certain level depending upon you are going to follow the strict, moderate or a liberal low carb diet. Scientifically it is proved that the low-carb diet is the most effective way to lose weight.

Low carb diet -effectiveness

You can lose weight with other diet plans also. We have a rule to lose weight that is eating less calories as compared to the calories you burn. There is nothing wrong with that rule. But the problem is at the end you get a single point to lose weight which is eating less. For most of the people it is the problem to be consistent with the diet plan, because they cannot follow the yo-yo dieting.

The best part in the low – carb diet is without counting calories you eat fewer calories in your diet plan. When you cut sugar and starch from your diet it automatically suppress your appetite and you start eating fewer calories as you want to eat less. Fats are satisfying and they keep you feel fuller for the longer time period. According to a survey people with the low-carb diet burn 300 more calories per day as compared to the rest of the people. This amount of burned calorie is equal to the amount of burned calories with one hour of physical activity. In a low carb and high fat diet the fat you eat in the body is not going to be stored. It even increases the fat burning process in the body.

The low carb diet is based on six basic categories. It includes

  1. Low carb drinks
  2. Low carb vegetables
  3. Low carb fruits
  4. Low carb snacks
  5. Low carb fats and sauces
  6. Low carb nuts

Low carb drinks – the best and the worst

First the most important factor is low carb drinks. In summers we drinks lots of beverages and it is important to keep yourself hydrated and fresh. We can live without food for forty days but without water you cannot survive for the longer period of time. In this regard it is very important for you to know about the best and worst options of low carb drinks. It would be easier for you to select the healthy and good low carb drinking options.

Best low carb drinks

It includes many options for you to get stick to healthy diet with the minimal intake of carbs.

  • Water

There is no substitute of water. It is a true blessing and the most satisfactory drink on this planet. It has zero carbs in it and best to keep you hydrated. A human body consists of 70% water. It is very important for you to drink lots of water for the healthy body functioning. You can drink water as much as you desire without any worries.

  • Lemon water

After water the lemon water is great for you. In summers when your body loses many minerals then the best options is to add lemon juice in it. It improves the health benefit ratio for you. Lemon is a great source of vitamin c and its addition in water without any additive sugar made it more valuable. It has zero carbs and calories in it.

  • Tea

Tea especially the green tea is also a very good option. In this category you have lots of options. You can go with the green tea, black tea or any other herbal tea like chamomile tea, lemon grass etc. these all are zero carb and zero calorie drinks. These help in boosting your metabolism and good for the overall health.

  • Coffee

Coffee without any artificial sweeteners and milk additives is great as it helps in boosting your metabolism. It is a zero carb and zero calorie drink.

  • Coconut water

Coconut water is a not a zero calorie or zero carb drink. But still it is good for you. One cup of coconut water carries only 9 calories in it. It is very refreshing and good for the healthy body activity.

  • Vegetable juice

On an average a cup of vegetable juice has 11 calories in it. The value of calories may differ with the vegetable but this is a low carb drink to enjoy in the summers. Vegetable juice and especially the green vegetables extract are full of nutrition and calm down your thirst.


  • Milk or soy milk

Milk is also included in the low carb and low calorie drink. It is a complete meal and provides your body with the calcium and other vital nutrients. It is good for you in summers especially as it swipes out the heat from heart. A glass of milk carries 11 calories and 12 calories are present in one glass of soy milk.

  • Orange juice

Orange is a citrus fruit and a great source of vitamin c. in summers the option of fruit juices is the most exotic treat for your body. In one glass of orange juice your calorie intake is 26. Though the value is not a digit of zero but still these calories are good for you.


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