Internal Organs of Human Body and Their Functions


13. Pancreas

Pancreas belongs to the digestive and endocrine system and they generate essential hormones like glucagon, insulin and somatostatin. They produces a juice called pancreatic juice and this juice contains digestive enzymes. If the working of pancreas is disturbed, it may cause diabetes or insulin resistance.

14. Ovaries

Ovaries are located in the side walls of the pelvis and they are the important reproductive organs in females that produces ovum. The region where they located in pairs is called ovarian fossa and it is located between the external and internal iliac arteries.

15. Parathyroid gland

The glands are located in the neck and just below the thyroid glands. Parathyroid glands controls the amount of calcium in bones and blood and produces the parathyroid hormones in the body.

16. Prostate gland

Prostate gland is a male reproductive organ that discharge a white milky fluid that contains spermatozoa, semen, and seminal fluid, it also controls the flow of urine.



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