How To Grow Mustard Greens at Home


Mustard greens (or leafs) are the leafy seeds of mustard plants used in salads and spices. Mustard greens contains proteins, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A, C, D, B-6 and B-12. It is easy to grow especially in spring and fall because of their tendency to bear intense cold weather. Although it is unfamiliar for people to grow these leafs at home because these leafs are under appreciated so that people doesn’t know how beneficial these seeds are to add health and taste to their kitchen. It is simple and healthy how to grow mustard greens at home.

How To Grow Mustard Greens

Mustard leafs are categorized in different types because of the level of spice i.e. Kai-choi, Osaka purple and Komatsuma, they are usually mild and bold in flavor and use in pickles.

How To Grow Mustard Greens at Home

Let us explain the way how one can grow these awesome leafs at home:

  1. Loosened Soil area:

First step in growing mustard leafs is to prepare good soil area where you want to plant the seeds, either it is in your garden or in the big vast. You need to make the soil fertile by giving water to the soil for a week before planting the seeds.

  1. Planting Mustard Seeds:

Take some good quality mustard seeds and plant each seed under the soil almost an inch or two apart from the surface. Their rapid growth depends on the season. If you plant the seeds in hot summer their growth will affect by the heat but if you plant those right after the summer or in winter you will surprised by their growth and you will need to provide little care to them to grow.

  1. Watering:

Water the soil frequently to keep it moist in growing season. But do not make it too wet to completely drown it in the water. Use soaker or sprinkler system to prevent this from happening.

  1. Insects’ prevention:

Use good quality pesticides to keep the caterpillars and unfriendly crop insects away from the plant. If you cannot use the pesticides than consider picking small caterpillars with care. Although Mustard leafs doesn’t have many problems but providing little care is good for the healthy crop.

  1. Harvesting:

You can harvest mustard leafs in two ways. One is to use a knife or scissors to cut the entire plant at once and second is to pick the leaves one by one and let the plant grow more.

You must harvest the plant at their initials when they are tender to get better taste and result, if you harvest them late than they would become hard and bitter in taste.


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