Home Remedies to Prevent Insomnia


A person is suffering from insomnia when he finds it difficult to sleep or having less than 6-8 hour of sleep every night or waking up again and again. Insomnia is normally caused by mental stress due to any reason, physically or emotionally disturbance, sickness, uncomfortable bed, noise, light or changed weather conditions.

Insomnia should be treated on time or it will cause serious health issues including heart attacks, severe mood swings, drowsiness, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, depression and memory loss. All these things can severely affect your personal and professional life. Going to the doctor again and again for insomnia session is itself a depressing thing to do so that’s why we are going to explain how insomnia can be treated naturally using home remedies.

Home Remedies To Prevent Insomnia

Home Remedies to Prevent Insomnia

Try something sugary:

It is often said that you should have your last meal of the day 3-4 hours before sleep but insomnia patients should have some cookies beside their bed at the time of sleep because it can help sleeping fast. You can also have a spoon full of raw honey in warm milk to sleep better.

Breathing Exercise:

Try some breathing exercises like breath-in breath-out session for 5-10 minutes daily when falling asleep it will relax your mind and help you sleep soon.

Take a warm bath:

Warm water bath before sleeping will relax your body and relief stress by soothing muscles, help you sleep better.

Avoid Caffeine and alcohol:

Too much consumption of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks ultimately causes insomnia as it increases the nicotine level in the body. If you are caffeine addicted and cannot avoid completely that try to reduce the daily intake to prevent or cure insomnia. Instead try some herbal or green tea.


Eating chocolates at night can cause sleeping disorder and you may stay awake till late if you consume a chocolate at bed time so it is recommended that avoid eating chocolates especially when you are trying to sleep.

Cumin seed water:

Cumin seeds add great taste and aroma to your food plus daily consumption of this spice help you lose 3 times more weight than usual and prevents sleeping disorders like insomnia and helps you have sound baby like sleep.

Easy yoga steps:

Yoga is known for its relaxing properties. You may have lack of sleep due to stressed up body or mind and in that way yoga is a prefect remedy to cure.  Some easy yoga poses like bridge and breath-in breath-out are proved to relax mind and body, which leads to sound sleep.


Mediation is bit difficult and unusual for many of us but it is a powerful remedy for all types of insomniacs. It helps prevent insomnia and let you focus by putting aside all the thoughts you had of the day and ultimately you feel relax, easy and sleep better.



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