Healthy Weight Loss Plan for Women – Diet Chart


Diets, of all kinds …… and there isn’t one thing that you could like about it. These are tough to follow, hard to swallow and antagonizing if you are a foodie. Seeing some red velvet cake with white cream and cherry on the top will make you lose yourself, and very soon you will find yourself cheating on your diet. Been there, done that. Starting and maintaining healthy weight loss plan is a must.

With these too many diet plans springing into life everywhere, you ought to know which one to follow and which one not to. Here we offer you a 13 day diet plan that will help you lose weight in a short period of time. The aim is to lose at least 5 -10 kgs of extra fat, with the confirmation that this transformation will last.

Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Note down The 13 day Diet for healthy weight loss plan


For BREAKFAST: Coffee(which should be sugar-less and milk-less)
LUNCH: Cooked spinach (as much as you want to) and 2 boiled eggs
DINNER: Grilled minute steak (should be lean and as much as you want to)


For BREAKFAST: A slice of whole wheat bread which is buttered and coffee again, without sugar and milk.
LUNCH: Cooked meat 200g
DINNER: Grilled minute steak (again, as much as you want) and salad consisting of greens only (just lettuce and cucumber). In addition, eat some fruit.



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