Health Benefits of Mushrooms


While thinking about the pizza topping I can have for dinner, I searched for the one with the most nutritional value. Guess what I found? Mushrooms. Tasty and healthy. We should always find ways to clean up our diet to stuff that is very healthy for us, and if the element is as tasty as mushroom who wouldn’t want to eat it all day? Here are some of the most amazing health benefits of mushrooms you would love to have.

On  a serious note, some of the species of mushroom are highly dangerous! Do not ever go picking mushrooms from any forest or garden! Safer way of eating mushrooms is to buy them from the market because they have been picked by trained people knowing which mushroom is edible. Always stay healthy!


Health Benefits of Mushrooms

1)It is filled with iron and 90% of it is absorbed by our body.

Anemic people are always trying to food that can help them to overcome the situation, mushrooms are a very good source for iron. Tired with headaches, dizziness and random tiredness all the time, when anemic people try to take iron medicines for betterment of their health, they usually don’t see the results. They desperately search for something that can cure the iron deficiency and I can assure you mushrooms hep a lot. This simple element can be even added to your every day salad.

2) It protects your body from most deadly types of cancer.

Beta-Glucans and Linoleic Acid are two polyssacahrides that both have anti-carcinogenic effects. Beta glucons are famously known for inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells, where as Linoleic Acid suppress the harmful effects of estrogen which is the main cause of breast cancer. Mushrooms also have antitumor properties.

3) It strengthen your immune system.

Mushrooms are known for increasing the number of proteins that are supposed to protect you from every type of foreign element like bacteria, germs, virus and even free radicals. They contain natural antibiotics and you might be shocked to hear that even penicillin is extracted from mushrooms. These natural antibiotics stop the growth of microbes and fungal infections. Mushrooms also heal ulcers. Vitamin A, B and C that are found in mushrooms are well praised for healthy immune system.

4) It makes your bones stronger.

If you don’t know yet, you should know that calcium isn’t the only substance needed for better bones. Vitamin D is must for calcium to work in first place. Bad news is vitamin D is rarely found in fruits and vegetables, good news is Mushroom is the only fruit or vegetable to exist with vitamin D.

5) It contain a huge amount of Potassium.

Potassium relaxes the tension in blood vessels, in result decreasing the blood pressure and preventing hypertension. Hypertension is the cause of many well known heart diseases like atherosclerosis, angina and heart attack. Some researches give the evidence that people having higher concentrations of potassium have better memory and knowledge gaining abilities.

These are five of the many reasons why mushrooms should be added to your everyday life and should be taken in as an important element. This always gives you more reasons to order pizza in, just make your mommy read this.



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