Health Benefits Of Juicing Ginger


Ginger (Scientific name: Zingiber officinale) is a largely under-estimated plant. Most of the time, it is limited to cooking only, without having any credit to its name. It is the part of staple diet in many countries. Huge health benefits are linked with it, which go largely unnoticed and this article aims to explore those hidden health benefits.

Scientific research has advised to add ginger to your juices. This is not just for the tangy taste, but has other juicing ginger benefits which are mentioned below:

Health Benefits Of Juicing Ginger

Health Benefits Of Juicing Ginger

  1. Ginger has been found to protect brain cell loss. And hence it can help one prevent the onset of many diseases that are related to loss of cells in brain, for instance Alzheimer’s disease (a degenerative disease of the brain).
  2. It also has the capability to comfort your stomach. If your stomach is upset by any degrees, then you might want to have ginger tea or add ginger to your juices. Ginger tea has many serious health benefits.
  3. A research conducted on patients who were having chemotherapy, it was found that patients who had ginger just before their chemotherapy had less nausea than their counterparts who had not taken ginger. In general, ginger is considered to be conducive in fighting against nausea.
  4. Ginger also fights swelling and inflammation, particularly the swelling caused by arthiritis.
  5. Research has highlighted that women can get rid of painful cramps during their period, simply by ginger intake.
  6. Research further highlights that ginger stimulates the body to sweat. Ewww, who want to be sweaty right? Hang on, sweat helps to get rid of toxins and hence promotes immunity. Hence those with low immunity should seriously consider ginger.
  7. Zingerone, an antioxidant found in ginger has been found to ease the muscles of your respiratory pathways, therefore leading to prevention of asthma attack. The easing of muscle keeps the respiratory tract from constricting or closing up.
  8. Those athletes who use ginger have lesser changes of muscle pain induced by exercise. But raw ginger is more beneficial, hence it is advisable to juice ginger rather than having ginger tea.
  9. According to Ayurvedic writings, ginger dilates the blood vessels, and makes circulation easy. Well that includes blood circulation to your sex organs as well, hence increasing your sex drive.
  10. Certain nutrients found in ginger have been found to fight various forms of cancer, especially ovarian cancer.

Never took interest in ginger, huh? Well now is the time. Juice your ginger.



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