Health, Beauty & Culinary Benefits of Turmeric


Turmeric (Scientific name: Curmura longa) is a herb from the family Zingiberaseae or ginger family. It is an underground herb and is used extensively in the food that you eat, especially if you belong to South Asia. This is an amazing herb on your culinary platter, as it adds a beautiful color, distinguished taste and pleasant fragrance to the dishes in which it is added. However besides its culinary attractions, it has also been used in medicinal capacity by the Indians and the Chinese for many centuries now. A lot health, beauty & culinary benefits of turmeric have been attributed to this plant.

Benefits of Turmeric

But what exactly is the reason? How come this plant has so many advantages? It would be useful to first have a look at its nutritional contents.

Turmeric Nutrition Information

If we take 100 g of turmeric, we can extract the following nutritional benefits from it.

Nutrient % Recommended Daily Allowance, RDA per 100 g of Turmeric
Dietary Fiber 53%
Vitamin B-6 138%
Niacin 32%
Vitamin C 43%
Vitamin E 21%
Potassium 54%
Iron 517%
Manganese 340%
Zinc 40%
Cholesterol 0%

Health, Beauty & Culinary Benefits of Turmeric

It has been found through research that turmeric has anti-oxidant and anti-mutagenic properties, and therefore has certain uses in boosting your health. These uses are listed below.

  • The risk of arthritis is high when people cross their middle age. It has been found through empirical evidence that regular intake of turmeric in the diet can help people get rid inflammation in arthritis.
  • Intake of turmeric tea has a very soothing and beneficial effect. It improves sleep and can help to soothe the body during illness.
  • The amazing qualities of turmeric extend to culinary perfection as well. If you are someone who is fond of homemade soups and stews, turmeric is definitely for you. It enhances both the taste and the color. Therefore few teaspoons of turmeric are a great add-on to your homemade delights. Get onto it guys.
  • Turmeric can be externally used in poultices due to its anti-inflammatory nature. Addition of turmeric soothes the skin and minimizes inflammation. Therefore many lotions to combat skin eczema or psoriasis have turmeric added into them.
  • Are you someone who wants to get rid of acne? Ok make a turmeric paste with either honey or water, and get an amazing skin scrub that helps you get rid of your acne; Unbelievable, eh? Give it a try.
  • Burns, chicken pox, different bites, eczema, poison ivy etc. can consequently lead to itching. Make a paste of turmeric and aloe Vera gel and get rid of the itching sensations.
  • It is a great add-on to many foods. Adding turmeric to sauces, spice blends, mashed cauliflower, vegetables and grilled foods can leave you amazed. Even it can be added to eggs. Just a pinch would do.
  • Turmeric can also be used to make a home-made sunscreen. Make a paste of it with brewed black tea and see for yourself. In fact turmeric has high antioxidant content and very beneficial for your skin. A lot of homemade bronzers and sunscreens contain turmeric in them.
  • It has been already established that turmeric can turn out to be your skin’s best friend. It can also be used in different face washes and cleansers to provide a soothing effect and even out your skin tone.
  • Turmeric is also beneficial to reduce the thickness of hair. Therefore many women use it on their unwanted facial hair. However avoid it on your head.
  • Turmeric can combat skin cancer as well.

A mere look at all these benefits will make u realize how important turmeric is and how easy it can make your life. I am sure after reading this, you will find many benefits of turmeric effective.



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