Healing Properties of Red Clover | A Powerful Herb


A wild herbal plant belong to legume family. These edible tiny flowery plants tastes little sweet are used in beverages, salads and for garnishing. Red clover used as herbal medicine to cure many crucial diseases like cancer, asthma, weak bones and joint disorders, blood pressure, skin disorders, menopausal issues, osteoporosis and removes the toxins from the body. You will find healing properties of red clover, a powerful herb. Following are the other health benefits of Red Clover women needs to know especially.

Healing Properties Of Red Clover

Healing Properties of Red Clover

Anti-aging properties:

 Who doesn’t want to stay young and beautiful? But having busiest schedule with unhealthy eating habits it is pretty difficult to do so. Red clovers are rich in properties that can make you look younger 5 years from your actual age by making you energetic, fresh and stress free. Lower estrogenic level causes skin disorders and skin thickness, red clover contains high amount of Oestrogen that helps to cure skin problems and keeps you younger looking.

Cancer prevention:

Red clover has huge amount of isoflavones which treats cancer and prevents its cells to grow further. This chemical kills the cancer cells in test tubes especially the prostate cancer. Women with the history of breast cancer should not take red clover.

Bone Loss or osteoporosis:

When oestrogen level in human body drops it causes the loss of significant bones by making them weak, and the disease called osteoporosis. It is said that the chemical extracted from red clover is a remedy to slow down the bone loss process and it increases the bone density and health.

Cardio vascular health:

Red clover is rich in isoflavones which brings the HDL (Good cholesterol level) up. It also contains a chemical called coumarine that is known for blood thinning properties it also helps to keep arteries healthy and flexible.

Enhance Immunity:

Red clover boosts immunity and strong immune system prevents from cold, anti-fungal diseases, asthma, bronchitis and respiratory infections. It is among top healing properties of red clover.

Red Clover tea for healthy hair:

Boil the red clovers in water and let it cool now rinse the hair with red clover to add extra shine and enhance growth. Regular use of RC tea will make it soft, adds volume and luster, and makes it more manageable and healthy looking.


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