Natural Remedies To Relieve Headache Pain | Headache Remedies


5. Stretches

stretching your body will relax the tensed muscles of head and it will ultimate relax your body and mind, giving you relief from migraines and headaches.

6. Peppermint tea- Peppermint tea is rich in antioxidants that calms down the muscles internally and helps you fight back the pain in no time. When you start feeling that the pain is going to attack, you must prepare peppermint tea and consume 2 times a day to reduce and cure the pain. Boil water and steep few leaves of peppermint in water and drink. You can also add few drops of lemon for even more refreshing taste and feel.

7. Warm bath- warm refreshing bath is another best remedy to cure headaches. When warm water hits the head it increases the blood flow and relaxes the tensed muscles and cure headaches.

8. Outdoor exercise or yoga- yoga or exercise is very helpful to cure headaches and make you feel fresher and relaxed.

These are effective headache remedies to try.



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