Why we get Sore Muscles and Joints? Remedies for Joint Pain, Stiffness and Sore Muscles Relief


Human body is made up of a skeleton which is fully covered with the muscles. We use this body for the whole lifespan. Sometimes we take it for granted and treat it badly. We all face some sort of muscle discomfort in our life. According to an estimate more than 80% Americans are facing the lower back pain. This is the most common joint pain and then it comes with the knee joint pain. But why we get sore muscle and joint. Let’s have a look at this methodology and reasons behind having sore muscles and joints.

Why we get sore muscles and joints?

  • Joints in the body tighten up with the age and the cartilage present in the joint start depleting. This is the major reason people complaint more about sore joints and muscles when they grow older. Loss of friction and flexibility in the joint made the mobility painful and you suffer from discomfort and soreness. It is a natural process and in different people it works in different ways. While the other factors involved in the muscle and joint soreness are given as under.

  • The most common reason behind sore muscles and joints is exercise. When you exercise in the beginning your muscles get uncomfortable. If you don’t warm up your body for exercise it makes your muscles sore.


  • Dehydration is also a reason for the sore joints and muscles. In case of dehydration the level of potassium, calcium and magnesium goes down in the body. It leads to the cramping and discomfort.


  • Stress on your body in form of bending, stretching, twisting or straining causes difficulty for the muscles and joints.


  • Any type of injury or accident causes damage in form of soreness in the joint and muscle.


  • Some medical conditions such as lupus, polio, infections, flu, Lyme disease or fibromyalgia made your muscles sore.



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