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There have been huge improvements for women in every field of life.  From past decades women are making progress in all employment fields like doctor, engineering, households jobs, aviation and even in body building or other sports. As the women marks half of the workforce in any organizational environment while competing with men equally and effectively. Not only in paid jobs but women in household are taking care of their kids and family in new and better ways. To make even more progress, it is far important that ladies make their body healthy and active. They should keep their eye on their plate and use all the nutrients necessary for being healthy and fit. Betterment of women’s health, there is a list of fresh fitness foods for women to eat.

Fitness Foods For Women

Following are the proven foods that are so full of all essential nutrients a women should take in their everyday life:

Fitness Foods For Women


A crunchy, crispy and bright color root vegetable is a super-food for women. These are packed with essential vitamins and minerals along with complex carbs that helps to fight many types of cancer, blood deficiency in women after pregnancy, eyesight or vision problems caused by excess use of gadgets for working women. Carrots provide instant energy and excess vitamin A and contracts muscles that never let you tired.


Eggs consists of high value protein and essential vitamins, recommended by the doctors. Consume whole egg and don’t miss the yolk it will reduce the risk of cancer, shrink your waist and make you feel fuller for the longer time.

Noodles and Pasta:

Instant food like noodles and pastas are considered as sports food. They provide instant carbohydrates packed with proteins for the body to stay active and healthy. Even, Kim Kardashian fitness conscious girl also prefers to eat pasta and noodles to be fit in a shape she desired.


Salmon is known for its fat burning and heart health properties. Experts says make a salmon meal part of your diet to stay healthy and good looking.

Red meat:

Women particularly has high risk of iron deficiency because of pregnancy and taking insufficient nutrients while dieting. Red meat is full of iron, vitamin B12, zinc and proteins. To reduce the risk of anemia in young women that causes due to iron deficiency, women should take red meat as a part of diet, may be in form of steaks or cooked with vegetables.


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