Eat these Nutritious Foods and Avoid These Foods


Thanksgiving dinner? You need to make a big decision about what you should be eating. Either you have to fill yourself so much with unhealthy stuff that you will end up roll yourself to home or you have to make healthy and smart choices among all the food offerings. Most of the people thinks that they can’t enjoy occasions and holidays if they are on diet. But I don’t agree with this. Dieting doesn’t mean you have to ditch delicious food on holidays but it’s all about choosing wisely. You can enjoy the holiday meals while staying in your healthy meal plans.

We have to be at our friends, family, in-laws, parents or holiday work party with lots of loved ones around us and we found ourselves around the so much of food on the table. And we want to eat all of it and make it worse for our health and eating plan. So let’s make it different this year. Make healthy choices on the table and know what you should be eat and what you should avoid. Here is the list of foods and choices you should be making and then there is a list of choices you should avoid. Have a look:

Eat This Not That List

Eat This Not That

Eat This:


No matter if this is thanksgiving or some other holiday, you need to have a proper breakfast. The first meal of the day should be filling, simple and quick. Go for healthy fats, lots of proteins nd whole grains. Combination of these nutrients will make you feel fuller for longer because they have fibre and they take time to digest. Breakfast options may include a bowl of oatmeal with fruits and nuts topped, vegetable egg white omelette with a cup of coffee or parfait made up of low-fat yogurts with nuts and fruits.

3-ounces turkey breast without skin

Turkey breast without skin is the best choice you can made at the dinner or lunch table because this way you can save many calories. 3 ounces of white turkey without skin have 97 calories as a whole and 3g of total fats. As compared to this, with skin option contains 2 g of more fats and 50 more calories.


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