Onion And The Wonders It Can Do For Your Health


Onion is more than an additive for culinary perfection. It can actually do wonders for your health, in ways that you may never have imagined. Scientific name Allium cepa, the health benefits of this herb are so widespread that many sources have claimed it to be one of the healthiest foods. Onions can do wonders for your health. Therefore, eat more onions for amazing health benefits.

Before delving deeper into the health benefits, firstly let us have a look at the nutritional aspects of onion.

Onions are low in calories, but dense in important nutrients. One cup of chopped onion contains the following:

Onions Nutritional Aspects

  • 64 calories;
  • Mo fat content;
  • No cholesterol content;
  • 15g carbohydrate;
  • 3g fiber;
  • 7g sugar;
  • 2g protein;
  • At least 10% daily requisite value of vitamin C, vitamin B-6 and manganese

Besides, onion also contains Small amounts of folate, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and certain antioxidants such as sulphur.

Eat More Onions For Amazing Health Benefits

Certain health benefits of onion are given as under:

Eat More Onions For Amazing Health Benefits

  • Cancer is on the rise recently. You are scared of getting it one day. Take onions, as querectin found in onions can help you in prevention of cancer.
  • Onions also help cleanse your eyes.
  • Onions are helpful in preventing earache as well.
  • Onion not only contains vitamin C, but also houses certain chemical compounds that promote vitamin C. And this is an established fact that this stimulation leads to an increase in immunity. Therefore, if you are someone who struggles with low immunity, onion should be on your plate; either in the form of salad or in your dishes.
  • High or low blood sugar is the problem of many individuals. Running after medication and injections is natural if this condition arises. However you do not need to worry. Because, onions house chromium, which does wonders in regulating blood sugar.
  • Additionally, onions can also help you in the reduction of infections and inflammation. Therefore those bitten by honeybees can generally be treated through onions. Applying onion on the infected area provides instant relief from the burning stingy sensation and pain.
  • Everything in life is either good or bad. Same is the case with cholesterol. HDL is considered good cholesterol. Raw onion stimulates the formation of HDL, hence leading to a healthier heart. So what are you waiting for? Do take sliced onion with your food!
  • Onions hunt on free radicals and hence through this act, there is likelihood that onion lovers have lesser chance of getting stomach/gastric ulcers.

A mere look at the above-mentioned facts is therefore more than enough  to make you realize that onions are a key to a healthier life.



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