Do Spicy Food Really Trigger Labor


A myth about spicy food and labor is circulating now a days, which consuming some specific spices or spicy food by a pregnant women, will trigger her labor. Is that really a myth or there is something true about it?

Logically there is no known spice or food that induces labor, as it is all a natural process when baby sends signals to mother’s body. But some women states they ate something spicy and after couple of hours they went straight to the labor. Is that because of that food? Or just a coincidence? Do spicy food really trigger labor?

Studies shows that if a pregnant women consumes spicy food it may cause her irritation in stomach and ultimately diarrhea and dehydration caused by diarrhea can cause contractions or triggers labor. Although it is said by the ancestors that foods like pineapple, cumin seed water, castor oil and garlic can help to bring the process, these foods increase the prostaglandin hormones, which contracts the relaxed muscles and play a role in inducing labor.

Do Spicy Food Really Trigger Labor

Spicy Food and Labor Pain

There are some other things a pregnant women should do to trigger the labor, like:

  1. Walk:

Walking is a simple way to bring the baby down to your pelvis and it will help to trigger labor when it is time. As well as it will help you to be in D shape instead of gaining whole body weight.

  1. Exercising:

Exercising is another way of helping to induce labor. I know if you are pregnant and thinking what she is talking about I barely can move with a baby inside me but trust me little moves of exercise will really help you induce your labor and make your body flexible.

  1. Massaging:

Oxytocin are the hormones that are known to trigger labor by contracting women muscles, and oxytocin hormones can be increased in the body by giving it a warm massage. These hormones can also be increased by meditation or just cuddling with your partner.

  1. Relax Bath:

Taking a relaxing bath with some essential oil will soothe your body and mind from tension. And a relax body is more likely to bring labor easily.


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